Aquarius daily horoscope – January 12 2019

11 Jan 2019, 02:00 pm

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One of the big themes for 2019…

One of the big themes for 2019 is the series of Neptune alignments – the best that this series of cosmic clicks and clashes has to offer us is enlightenment (though there could also be some confusion)! And today, Neptune is being triggered…

What is means for you…

As a AQUARIUS, this is great news for you financially – if not now, then soon! Neptune is moving through your 2nd House of cash, property and possessions so you’re about to enter another cycle whereby you can use your gut instinct when it comes to money matters. Don’t be too devastated if things don’t go your way re cash straight away – trust that what is meant to be is going to be in this part of your life and in fact in every part. Cappies who earned their living through doing work related to inspiring others, to music, water, art or dreams, poetry or hospitals all have excellent Stars.

This week’s freebie

For the first time, we are opening up the Moon Lite (free) Club. Get some great resources that will help you to consciously create your life using the Moon as a cosmic timer. It’s all here.


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