Astrology of Thursday, November 8th 2018

08 Nov 2018, 09:00 am
#astrology #astroweather #dailyastro

The Moon enters Sagittarius mid-day Thursday, and only minutes later conjoins just-ingressed Jupiter on this, the day of Jupiter. This configuration releases a thermal of hot, warm, moist air. Spirits lift a bit, as do gazes. It may be more doable than you thought. There may be a way through. The underworld has an exit, the heavens have an entrance. A few short hymns of praise in the general direction of the greater benefic will go a long way.

As day becomes night, the Moon’s focus shifts away from the conjunction with newly-enthroned Jupiter and towards one with Mercury. Though the Moon does not conjoin Mercury until just before dawn, Luna’s application to the quicksilver planet is still sufficient to seed the night with a variety of questions, the likes of which are likely to feature prominently in Mercury’s upcoming retrograde, which begins on the November 16th._

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