Astrology of Wednesday, June 13th 2018

13 Jun 2018, 09:00 am
The first aspect of the day is the Moon in Gemini’s mid-day trine with Mars in Aquarius. There is some fire to this configuration which may help you get done what needs doing, but it certainly also has the power to irritate.

Only a minute after the Moon-Mars trine perfects, Mercury enters Cancer. This ingress moves the conversation toward matters of home, family, foundations and acts of caring and nurturing. It is a phase of intimate conversations and considerations. Mercury will be in Cancer until June 28th, when it enters Leo.

The night sees no Moon rise in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini. While the Moon’s wee-hour square with Neptune in Pisces tempts us with the peace of sleepy dissolution, Mercury’s sextile with Uranus in Taurus weaves uncomfortably-stimulating threads of lightning through the fabric of night.

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