Gemini New Moon: Reach Up

13 Jun 2018, 11:34 am

Happy Gemini New Moon! This is the time of the lunar calendar when we turn our attention to the mind. Gemini is the sign of communication as well education and the thoughts and ideas we exchange with others. Insatiably curious, Gemini teaches us to try new things and explore. That said, the new moon arrives on June 13, 2018 at 3:42 pm EDT, 22 degrees. That’s 12:42 pm Los Angeles, 8:42 pm London, and 5:42 am in Sydney on June 14.

New moons are new beginnings. They not only give us an energetic reset, but they color the following weeks according to the sign and planets involved. When we have a Gemini New Moon, the coming lunar month zeros in on our relationship with thinking, learning, and speaking. As a result, you may be more inspired to write, pick up a new book or three, socialize, and take classes.

There’s a busy, restless energy to Gemini and maybe you’re feeling restless as a result. But this new moon has a lot of complicated planetary connections built into it. Despite Gemini’s light and breezy reputation, we’ll be working through deep emotions over the coming days namely through the planet Neptune.

Astrology teaches us that there’s a time and place for everything. When we look at the chart of the new moon we see that Neptune is playing a strong role in the form of a square to the Sun and the Moon. Neptune’s also making what’s called a station, which means that it’s coming to a halt in the sky and will turn retrograde on June 18. This means that we’re being saturated with sensitivity. Our dreams are more vivid. We’re more aware of our connection — or disconnection — to others. Our hearts are aching. We’re overwhelmed by what we’re reading in the media. We’re trying to pull out of an emotional riptide. We’re reaching for something higher or pulling deeper into our emotional darkness.

As you can imagine, Neptune makes for a heavy influence, but I think that’s the point of Neptune. In our lowest moments, we have reach for the light in order to connect with Neptune’s energy of compassion, forgiveness, unity, and unconditional love. Neptune whatever was within us to the surface, like a flood — even if that flood is tears.

This isn’t an easy lunar month. But there’s a huge opportunity to reach up, whether through mediation, prayer, service, and even swimming. It’s important that we work positively with Neptune however much we can during the coming weeks, whether it’s to heal or let go. Use Gemini’s need to connect and converse to open up emotionally to people, get therapy, or to have real, soulful conversations. Mercury is facing off with Saturn, so these conversations or experiences may confront, force us to take responsibility, or make serious choices. Saturn will also be an antidote to Neptune’s illusions.

You may also want to work with water and the energy of water over the coming weeks. Use it to ritually cleanse, to relax, to gaze into. Because Neptune connects to the etheric, it’s important to keep energy circulating whether through breath, essential oils, or gentle touch like a massage.

Whatever you do, just make sure you have your life vest on and keep reaching for the light.

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