Leo daily horoscope – November 8 2018

07 Nov 2018, 04:00 pm

It’s really a very big week. So far we have had the mighty move of Uranus back into Aries and the New Moon in Scorpio. Today? The hits just keep coming, as they say. Today the planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, moves into Sagittarius, it’s home sign, for the first time in over ten years. This is what that means for you:
Break out the bunting! This is a classic Lucky Cycle for you. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and for the next 12 months, he’s in the part of your chart where the dice more often rolls in your favour – your 5th House. Even though there may be other things going on in your chart which mean you still have to work hard and don’t have as much time off as you might like, the good news is that you should still manage to eke a lot of fun out of the coming 12 months. The 5th House is where we express ourselves openly – and if you’ve forgotten what it feels like to do that, don’t worry. You really will remember over the coming year. It’s the part of our chart where we keep our Inner Child and good old Uncle Jupiter, who arrives laden with cheer and presents, is most certainly the one to bring your Inner Child out to play. For this reason, this transit is very positive where children (your own or someone else’s) are concerned. If you’re wanting to get pregnant anytime soon, start practicing! It’s also good for romance because nothing needs a bit of light-hearted relief like partnership. Forget about the snipping and the sniping, the coming 12 months will help you to remember how to amuse yourself with Someone Else. Singles could easily meet more than one person to play with. Couples will reinvigorate their enjoyment of each other. Lastly, this is a very good transit if you have creative aspirations. Go for it. Travel is also extra likely this cycle.

What else lies ahead?

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