Lose Your Stress in 5 Minutes

12 Feb 2018, 10:20 am


Feeling a bit anxious and stressed? Here are several quick ways to reduce stress according to Elizabeth Agnvall, writing for the AARP Magazine:


Eat a Square of Dark Chocolate

Not only is Dark Chocolate rich in healthy flavonols, but cocoa also causes the brain to release endorphins, the same feel-good hormones you get after a run.


Embrace the Rush

Short term stress can help memory and brain function. So use that initial burst of energy to accomplish your goal and then learn to let go.


Give a Bear Hug

A nice big squeeze triggers the release of the same warm and fuzzy love hormoneoxytocin. No hug worthy friends close by? Shaking hands works too.


Take a YouTube Break

Just be sure to watch something funny (such as a pet video) A good belly laugh relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure and releases natural pain killers.


Find a Green Space

Walking in nature relieves tension, decreases frustration and increases calm. No time to get to a park? Even five minutes outside lifts mood.


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