Pisces daily horoscope – January 12 2019

11 Jan 2019, 02:00 pm

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One of the big themes for 2019…

One of the big themes for 2019 is the series of Neptune alignments – the best that this series of cosmic clicks and clashes has to offer us is enlightenment (though there could also be some confusion)! And today, Neptune is being triggered…

What is means for you…

As a PISCES, it means that your whole life is set to take on a new spiritual dimension, if it hasn’t already. Yes there could be times when you don’t know which way is up but see it through. If you’ve been feeling spiritually bereft at all since Neptune left your sign a few months back, you can refill the well. Neptune is the planet of the Divine and you now have him in your sign again. Connecting to the Divine means you trust the world enough to allow the Universe to show you the way and that in turns means that you can’t go wrong. You just have to trust – the people you know you can trust!

This week’s freebie

For the first time, we are opening up the Moon Lite (free) Club. Get some great resources that will help you to consciously create your life using the Moon as a cosmic timer. It’s all here.


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