Taurus daily horoscope – January 12 2019

11 Jan 2019, 02:00 pm

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One of the big themes for 2019…

One of the big themes for 2019 is the series of Neptune alignments – the best that this series of cosmic clicks and clashes has to offer us is enlightenment (though there could also be some confusion)! And today, Neptune is being triggered…

What is means for you…

As a TAURUS, you can expect to attract more spiritual friends into your life now – and hopefully you think that sounds like a good thing and not something that makes you run in the other direction for fear of having your life invaded by patchouli and mung beans. Seriously, anyone wearing white and saying Omm is going to be far more attractive to you know than before. Just be careful of the people you think you can’t trust (no matter if they’re allegedly the spiritual type or not). Just remember it takes all sorts. If someone looks and smells like a shyster, they might well be!

This week’s freebie

For the first time, we are opening up the Moon Lite (free) Club. Get some great resources that will help you to consciously create your life using the Moon as a cosmic timer. It’s all here.


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