(1950 OO )
Incl: 0.95668
Eccent: 0.1535514
Period: 3.1977437045823 years
AU 2.1704463
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

25.7.1950 07:12 Brooklyn 24e45 59n26 observations 1

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Named to honor the memory of Alan T. Waterman {1892–1967}, first director of the U.S. National Science Foundation, in the year which marks the 25th anniversary of the foundation. After 25 years as an academic physicist, he went to Washington to serve with OSRD (1941–45), ONR (1946–51), and NSF (1951–63). Among the many honors he received was the Karl Taylor Compton Gold Medal for distinguished statesmanship in science, awarded by the American Institute of Physics two months before his death. (M 3825)

The name is proposed by Frank K. Edmondson.

Waterman is also honored by a lunar crater.

Discovered on 25-7-1950 in Brooklyn by Indiana University

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