(1981 PB )
Incl: 4.85247
Eccent: 0.2797618
Period: 3.1125552292644 years
AU 2.1317257
Type: 0005

Discovery Chart

5.8.1981 08:17 Anderson Mesa 111w32 35n5 observations 1

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Named in honor of Jack Wisdom, a dynamicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Wisdom is well known for his discovery of a dynamical mechanism for the removal of minor-planet type objects from the 3:1 and other Kirkwood {see planet  (1578)} gaps via chaotic behavior, which can also deliver meteorites to the Earth. He and his colleagues have also explored the long-term stability of the solar system, the tidal evolution of planetary satellite systems and the chaotic rotation states of irregularly shaped natural satellites. (M 12803)

Citation prepared by W. C. Tittemore and L. M. French at the request of the discoverer.

Discovered on 5-8-1981 in Anderson Mesa by Bowell, E.

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