(2003 FX128 )
Incl: 22.31808
Eccent: 0.8215456
Period: 1002.8113716523 years
AU 100.1844185
Type: 400A

Discovery Chart

22.3.2003 06:39 Palomar 116w51 33n21 observations 1

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The satellite (65489) Ceto I, discovered 2006 Apr. 11 by K. Noll, H. Levison, W. Grundy and D. Stephens using the Hubble Space Telescope, is named Phorcys, for another child of Gaia and Pontus. Phorcys is represented with a man's head, crab's claws and a fish tail. Together the monstrous sea creatures Ceto and Phorcys produced numerous offspring, including many monstrous creatures known collectively as the Phorcydides.

Discovered on 22-3-2003 in Palomar by Trujillo, C. A., Brown, M. E.

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