(1989 AL7 )
Incl: 2.55335
Eccent: 0.0931779
Period: 4.9223752467214 years
AU 2.8935862
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

10.1.1989 00:38 Tautenburg 11e43 50n59 observations 1

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Named for the German poet and draughtsman Wilhelm Busch (1832–1908), who became world-renowned for his popular humorous and satiric picture stories. His drawing style is full of verve and movement and is of the highest originality. As creator of immortal comic types such as Max and Moritz, as well as Pious Helen, he spread much laughter. Einstein {see planet  (2001)} wrote of him that “He is one of the greatest masters of the stylistic accuracy of aim”. (M 29149)

Discovered on 10-1-1989 in Tautenburg by Borngen, F.

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Categories: Western Family Names,

20-01-2001George W. Bush inaugurated as the president of USA. Asteroid Busch conjunct asteroid Washingtonia.
27-11-2003George W. Bush visited Baghdad. Asteroid Busch conjunct Jupiter.
28-06-2004L. Paul bremer III relinquished his duties as authority administrator and the power to govern Iraq has been returning to the country. Asteroid Busch conjunct Jupiter.